Dean Message

Dean – VSIT

Vivekananda School of Information Technology (VSIT) is the seat of academic excellence in Vivekananda Institute of Professional Institute (VIPS). It is home of approximately 360 post graduate students pursuing Master of Computer Application (MCA). The School offers students a journey of learning and discovery into the field of Information Technology. Our faculty is a community of dedicated scholars and teachers whose research expands the boundaries of our knowledge and imagination. Their teaching prepares students for wide-ranging careers and lifelong learning. The VSIT faculty includes persons having industrial and corporate experience besides having excellent academic records.

Our efforts also are enhanced by the vital involvement of inspirational alumni, who are doing innovative and transformative things in their personal and professional lives and serve as shining examples of the excellent education we offer in VSIT. They are making their marks in their career in IT profession and some of them reach up to leadership position.

We provide an edge to our students by suitably calibrating NUES courses to fill the gap in the university courses and latest technological development. I invite you to explore our placement records at this website to learn more about the brilliant learning environment at VSIT.